Press Release
May 27, 2024

Norwegian agricultural software is becoming the new standard for international technology companies

Agdir has found a niche in the market for agricultural technology that few others have focused on. A new agreement with international market leader Soil Scout, positions the company to create a new standard for food production worldwide.

Norwegian agricultural software is becoming the new standard for international technology companies

When you think of technology, you often think of hardware: the physical gadgets, such as a phone or PC. However, the software inside the gadget is just as important. Good software can literally take over the world. Just think of Microsoft.

Agdir has understood the power of good software. Their software Agdir Farm is the only Norwegian solution tailored for vegetable production. In an increasingly data-driven world, such solutions are absolutely necessary, says general manager and co-founder of Agdir, André Skoog Bondevik.

- All data and information we have and will receive is worthless without good software. For more profitable and sustainable food production, solutions like ours are absolutely necessary, says Bondevik.

Market-leading technology

Soil Scout is the international market leader in wireless buried soil sensors. The cooperation agreement they enter into with Agdir makes the Agdir Farm software the standard solution for all the customers they have and will receive in agriculture.

- Joining forces with Agdir has been one of the best choices we have made. While we have focused on ground-breaking hardware, Agdir has mastered the software side, says Jalmari Talola, CEO of Soil Scout.

With the new agreement in place, a customer group of hundreds of thousands of new green producers opens up for Arendal-based Agdir.

- In the EU alone, there are several million farms that will produce the food of the future. Their need for good software is just as great as in this country, says Bondevik.

Successful cooperation

Agdir and Soil Scout have already collaborated with each other for some time. The Arendals company has clearly impressed the significantly larger partners who already deliver to markets around the world.