May 27, 2024

Agdir Farm helps you become more profitable

With new and unique insight into soil and growing conditions for your crup, you can make smarter choices that save money, time, energy and resources.

Agdir Farm helps you become more profitable

As a farmer, you are already an expert in producing quality food in a demanding climate. But we know that you spend a lot of thought and time worrying about the conditions in the soil.

Imagine an everyday life where you don't have to ponder this all the time. You can use your powers in a better way. That is exactly what Agdir Farm is made for.

New and unique insight

Agdir Farm is a software that gives you new and unique insight into how the soil and crops are doing.

The solution combines all weather data that affects your crop with highly accurate sensor data at shift level. All this is put into context and translated into concrete advice that helps you in your everyday life.

With this information, you can make better and more accurate choices for your crop. Then you get the opportunity to use your time and labor as efficiently as possible.

This will provide benefits in the form of increased profitability. Either because you get a larger crop from the same area, or because you save costs.

Fewer worries

Is there a risk of frost? Do I have to run out and check? Is it too dry? Should I have irrigated a little more or was it a little too much this time?

With our solution, you avoid this train of thought. You can simply log in to the app via mobile and check how the temperature and water conditions are doing.

Finally, you can spend your time doing more of what you like - and actually be present where you are!

Super easy to use

We understand that it can be overwhelming with all the new technological solutions that are constantly being developed. That is why we have spent a lot of time creating a solution that should be really easy to use. Over several years, we have collaborated with farmers around Norway to tailor a user experience that is simple and understandable for you.

Our goal is to give farmers a more profitable operation and an easier everyday life.