Soil Scout

Soil Scout


Unlock unparalleled benefits for your farm with the most advanced solution in wireless soil monitoring.

Put Your Fields Online

Traditional farming has successfully treated each field differently according to experience and scientific advice, but the next leap demands something more. In the process of learning how to treat in-field zones individually, the constantly evolving Smart Farming requires real-time data and recorded feedback on every action. Soil Scout expands that revolution to the underground.

  "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.”    - Peter Drucker

It's well-known that root zone water availability is the most crucial factor in all plant production. However, monitoring underground conditions across a field has been so hard and impractical that until now, Precision Agriculture has focused on the easy part: aboveground data such as weather observations, optical sensing, and telemetry.

Now, Soil Scout can finally let you take soil under control.

Why Should I Monitor Soil?

Perhaps you have never actually measured soil temperature or moisture. After all, it's a lot of work, and in the end "it is what it is", right? Turning the tables, there is no field work or plant development which wouldn't depend on and influence soil conditions. So the question is rather:

How would your farming change, if you knew your soil conditions exactly at all times, without even going out?

The Soil Scout Monitoring Solution, with its groundbreaking underground radio technology, is a true game-changer in how fields are managed. The opportunity to permanently bury wireless Soil Scout® sensors across fields, do fieldwork, and forget about the sensors makes soil monitoring simpler and more consistent than ever.

Why Choose Soil Scout

  • Soil Scout is the only soil sensor solution you can freely distribute across a field — Install and Forget!
  • The system is preconfigured and will start operation as you switch the Base Station on. Scouts are the quickest to install, and you can plant more sensors at any time. They connect to the Base Station automatically — no additional data plans are needed.
  • The small sensors run for 20 years underground without maintenance. They don't disturb fieldwork and are safe from wheel pressure and wildlife, resulting in superior cost-efficiency over the years.
  • Smart sensor placement provides real-time monitoring of real differences and enables treating each area individually and optimally. Our well-trained Soil Scout staff will assist you in choosing the best locations.
  • When irrigating, instant before/during/after data enables both quick reactions and long-term ability to maintain optimal soil moisture and save irrigation costs.
  • The sensors operate out of sight year-to-year, providing you with a long-term view of soil behavior. As a result, you get accurate and informed soil management instead of traditions and guesswork, and build up long-time records for your future needs.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.

Soil Scout