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Streamline your farming operation, increase productivity, and reduce the time spent on ensuring complianse  with Agdir Farm.

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Begin your Agdir Farm journey with just a few simple steps, and start harnessing the power of data to streamline your farming operations, enhance yields, and save valuable time.

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All-in-one digital tool for farmers

Enhance your farming efficiency with our comprehensive digital platform that offers real-time insights and seamless management.

Agdir Farm

With Agdir Farm you have a new digital tool to gain an overview of all your farm activities at all times and from anywhere.

Digitize your fields

Elevate your farm management with a streamlined digital overview for every field.

Stay compliant at all times

Navigate new regulations effortlessly with our software, ensuring your farm remains compliant at all times.

Game changing sensor integrations

Unlock unparalleled insights into your farm's conditions with integrated sensor technology.

Advanced Reports - Simpletech X Webflow Template
Underground data

Real-time soil data from underground sensors that don't interfere with field operations.

User Tracking - Simpletech X Webflow Template
Weather data

Climate monitoring for accurate weather data and optimal growth conditions.

Start your digital farming journey now and reap the rewards.

Discover how our platform can simplify your farming operations, making management more efficient and productive with just a few clicks.

Hear what our amazing customers say

Discover the difference Agdir Farm makes for our customers.

“I now have complete control over my irrigation. It's a great reassurance to know that the irrigation is working as it should, when it should, just by looking at my phone”

Øystein Fredriksen
Farmer - Tågevåll Farm

“Agdir Farm gives us a much better overview of our farm work. It's a game changer.”

Anne Eline Nærstad
Farmer - Linnes Farm

“I've become completely reliant on Agdir to manage the irrigation. I have the ability to constantly monitor moisture levels.”

Kjetil Sola
Farmer - Solabær